Welcome to my portfolio…

I have created this portfolio to address important aspects of the history of childhood and education. My main theme throughout this portfolio is relating to the various factors of segregation and discrimination and how they have impacted education and childhood throughout history.

An example of this is Indigenous children’s experiences at residential school. Children were forced into an education system based off there age, race, and place within society. Childhood can be viewed in many aspects depending on one’s race, class, gender, health, and culture. This is why I chose the topic of residential schools within British Columbia to show evidence of the impacts that these roles of a child and how it influenced their education and childhood.

In this portfolio, you will find pages supporting my argument, here is a brief overview of what to look for.

About Me 

  • Talks about myself and why I chose to take the History of Education and Childhood course.
  • My experiences in life have led me to want a career in education.

My Research Project

  • Includes my research topic, a primary source analysis, my research paper, and sources.
  • Each page gives specific insight into why I chose the topic, the research questions I had and my argument as to why residential school impacted indigenous people.

Learning about Childhood & Education

  • Includes reading analysis that supports my argument and the main theme that was read over the course.
  • My reflection on childhood and education from the beginning and end of the course
  • My life story

Learning Canadian History 

  • Includes a conclusion of what was learned in the course and connections to other courses